Wood Armchairs

Add comfort and a natural element to your space with solid wood armchairs from Sunyee. Whether for your home or home office, a wooden armchair promises not just a seat, but a sanctuary of relaxation and focus. Each chair in our collection brings a touch of warmth and natural beauty intrinsic to its wooden composition, ensuring that your space exudes a comforting and inviting ambience. Perfectly suited for various environments, a wooden armchair adapts, whether as a cosy corner piece in your living room or a sophisticated accent in your home office. Browse our range today.


Rustic and contemporary wooden armchairs for every space

Sunyee offers a captivating range of wooden armchairs, each piece meticulously crafted to meet diverse preferences and needs. Within this assortment, customers can explore a spectrum of options varying in size, cost, and design, allowing for a tailored selection process. Each armchair in the range brings a unique offering: from stationary styles to rocking chairs, some even come equipped with a footstool for even more comfort. We can cater to a range of budgets and sizes too. Some of our oak armchairs may captivate with their large size while others might allure with a more modest size and price point, perfectly suited for subtler elegance or limited spaces. Whichever you choose, know it will look like a designer wooden armchair in your space.


Invest in a solid wood armchair

Solid wood armchairs are strong, durable, and look great in any room. Made from tough materials, they last a long time and stay looking good. They bring a natural warmth to your home or office, fitting in with many different styles and decorations. Not only do they look good, but they’re also comfortable and supportive, making them a practical choice for any space. Buying a solid wood armchair means investing in a high-quality piece of furniture that you can enjoy for many years.

Shop our collection online at Sunyee today. We stock Oikiture products, known for their handcrafted wooden armchairs. Find armchairs that match every budget, size and style preference right here. From accent armchairs to swivel armchairs and lounge armchairs, we have it all. Looking for something in particular? You can also browse by colour: blue armchairs and green armchairs.



Why are wood armchairs so popular?

Wood armchairs are popular because they are strong, long-lasting, and look stylish in various settings, such as homes and offices. They also add a warm and natural feel to a room, making spaces more welcoming and comfortable.

What should I look for when buying a wood armchair?

  • Quality of wood: Ensure the chair is made of high-quality, solid wood for durability and longevity.
  • Design and comfort: Choose a design that suits your taste and a chair that offers comfort for extended periods. Do you prefer traditional wood armchairs or more modern wood seating?
  • Size: Ensure the chair fits well in your space and is proportionate to other furniture items.
  • Price: Ensure the chair offers good value for money, balancing cost with quality and design.

What styles, sizes and colours of wood armchairs are available?

At Sunyee, we have a wide range of wooden lounge chairs in different styles, sizes and colours. Find blues, greens, pinks, greys and creams in upholstered fabrics with wooden frame armchairs.