DC to DC Chargers

DC to DC chargers are a must for caravans, camper vans and camper trailers that have dual battery systems. It is the most effective means of charging and maintaining an auxiliary battery from the alternator, ensuring optimum performance from your vehicle during your trip away. Discover the range of quality ATEM POWER 12V DC to DC battery chargers for sale at Sunyee.

Benefits of a DC to DC Battery Charger

DC to DC chargers isolate the auxiliary battery circuit from the alternator of the vehicle. It then works to boost the charge of the main battery to maximise its charging capacity, making it possible to reach 100% charge after a full day of driving. A DC to DC charger can also detect when the main battery of your car is full, and redirect charge from the alternator to the auxiliary battery.

Can I use a DC to DC charger with solar input?

If you need an off-grid energy source, DC to DC chargers and camping solar panels are two of the most common solutions. While dc dc charger with solar input can certainly be used together, the systems are often used as a backup for one another, ensuring you always stay connected while on the go.


AC to DC charger vs DC to DC charger

There are a few key differences between an AC to DC charger and a DC to DC charger. AC to DC chargers utilise the power from a standard AC power outlet, whereas DC DC chargers use power from a vehicle’s alternator. DC power is often more consistent, while AC power can travel longer distances. Both battery chargers have advantages when camping, depending on your individual needs.

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Sunyee offers a wide selection of dual battery systems to help you elevate your camping experience. Unsure which product is right for you? Browse all of our smart battery chargers for sale in Australia, or contact our friendly team for assistance and recommendations.

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