Caravan Covers

Keep your home away from home in perfect condition, all year round. We sell a wide range of caravan covers that provide an unrivaled level of protection for models of all shapes and sizes. Our products are of the highest quality and can potentially save you thousands of dollars when it comes to repair bills and maintenance fees. Our caravan covers are designed to protect against the harsh Australian sun and moisture buildup that can create mould. They also allow for proper ventilation so you can rest easy at night. 

San Hima caravan covers

San Hima caravan covers use a 4-layered non-woven fabric that gives its caravan cover ultra waterproofness, strength, breathability and durability angst rain borne soil, tree sap and UV degradation. This design prevents heat and condensation from building up. This campervan cover is designed for a snug fit and will more than impress. 

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