Blue Armchairs

Introduce a sense of calm and luxury into your home with a blue armchair from Sunyee’s carefully curated collection. Blue armchairs are not just about aesthetic appeal; they are about creating a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. With shades ranging from navy to light blue, our colour palette makes it easier to pair our chairs with a variety of home decor styles. Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, or minimalist aesthetic, don’t hesitate to add a blue armchair from Sunyee to your home. 


Explore a diverse range for all tastes

The options are almost limitless when you shop our armchair selection. From a plush light blue armchair for a casual, relaxed setting to a more formal navy blue armchair for a study or office. Meanwhile, our velvet fabrics offer an additional layer of luxury and comfort.

For an integrated look, you can pair these armchairs with other furniture pieces from our collection. For example, a light blue armchair may pair beautifully with neutral-tone coffee tables and rugs. This also provides a good opportunity to introduce other colours and styles, such as various cushions or decorative pieces.

Shop blue armchairs online in Australia 

Whether you’re in the market for a striking accent piece or a comfortable chair for daily use, we’ve got you covered. Browse our extensive range of armchairs to find the perfect match for your home. Add a splash of colour with our accent armchairs, or delve into the lap of luxury with our velvet armchairs. For a more relaxed setting, consider our lounge armchairs, or bring flexibility to your space with our swivel armchairs. And if you’re a fan of natural elements, don’t miss out on our wood armchairs


What brands of blue armchairs do you sell?

Our range of blue armchairs are manufactured by the leading brand Oikiture. 

What should I look for when buying a blue armchair? 

Look for a shade of blue that complements your existing decor, the size that fits your available space, and the material – be it fabric or leather – that suits your comfort and lifestyle needs.

Are blue armchairs a popular choice in Australia? 

Yes, blue armchairs have gained popularity in Australia for their ability to fit well with the coastal, urban, and suburban styles often found in Australian homes.