LED Light Bars

We can help if you’re looking to purchase high-quality LED light bars that are made with performance and safety in mind. These products are a type of auxiliary light used for both on and off-road driving. While similar in design to other auxiliary light options, LED light bars differ in that they consist of a single row or double row of LED lights.

What to look for in a lightbar?

Be it a 20inch led light bar or a 6 inch light bar, selecting the right solution for your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Sunyee offers a range of solutions for drivers everywhere including the LED laser driving lights range. A range of designs and configurations provide mounting solutions to fit cars, trucks, utes, boats and  agricultural vehicles, 


while state-of-the-art LED technology from brands such as Defend Indust delivers exceptional visibility at distances in the hundreds of metres, all while minimising power draw and reducing the risk of overheating. Durable aluminum casing and scratch proof lenses equipped with IP67 or IP68 ratings guarantee tens of thousands of hours of top quality performance from your lights, protecting them against shock, water, dust and other environmental hazards. 

Safety and performance at all times

Driver safety is top-of-mind for the team at Sunyee International and that’s why we only supply the best products on the market. Whether you’re navigating a dirt track, travelling along a highway or anything else, know that we have all your needs met when it comes to LED light bars. Everything that we offer is built to impress and will give you the confidence to handle whatever comes your way. 

Look to us for a range of brands including Cree LED light bars, LightFox LED lights bars, Defend Indust LED light bars plus more. 

Accessories by off-roaders, for off-roaders

Choosing Sunyee means buying from people who understand off-roading. We know what makes a quality product – because we’re out there off the beaten track same as you. All of the products in our store have been chosen for quality, delivering the performance drivers need on and off the road in some of the most demanding and challenging conditions a vehicle can face. Explore our range of lightbars today and know that you’re selecting parts that have already got the tick of approval from drivers just like yourself.