Velvet Armchairs

Investing in velvet armchairs is a practical way to add a touch of luxury and comfort to any room. These armchairs are known for their soft texture and appealing appearance, offering functionality and style. Available in various designs and colours, Sunyee has a curated collection of comfortable velvet armchairs for your home. Ideal for various settings, such as living rooms or office spaces, they provide a durable and modern seating option that can enhance your decor.

Make your space feel more warm and welcoming with a velvet lounge chair from Sunyee.


Considerations for your velvet lounge chair

Before purchasing your velvet chair, style and design are paramount. Velvet chairs come in many designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary, allowing them to seamlessly blend with the existing decor of your space. You could choose a minimalist design for a modern touch or a more ornate style for a classic or vintage look. Consider the overall aesthetics of your room to select a chair that complements and enhances the space harmoniously.

Size and functionality are two other aspects to consider before making your purchase. Ensure the velvet chair you select suits the size of your room and fits comfortably in the intended space. Consider the chair’s purpose: will it be a statement piece in your living room or a functional addition to your study? Understanding the role your chair will play helps in choosing a piece that aligns with your needs, ensuring it serves its intended purpose efficiently and effectively.

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Discover contemporary armchair seating at Sunyee. From velvet rocking chairs to stationary chairs, explore the richness of our collection. In addition to our velvet armchairs, we also stock accent armchairs, blue armchairs, lounge armchairs, swivel armchairs and wood armchairs.

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Why buy a velvet lounge chair?

Firstly, velvet adds an undeniable touch of luxury and sophistication to any space, making the lounge chair a stylish feature in your room. The plush fabric invites you to relax and enjoy the soft, comfortable seating experience that velvet offers. Secondly, velvet lounge chairs are versatile, fitting seamlessly into various interior styles, whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or eclectic look. Lastly, they are available in many rich and vibrant colours, allowing for personalisation and ensuring that the chair complements your existing decor.

What brands of velvet armchairs do you sell?

We proudly stock armchairs from Oikiture, which offers a range of armchairs made with high-quality materials and featuring designs like velvet armchairs with wooden legs.

How do I maintain my velvet lounge chair?

Velvet chairs are luxurious and require meticulous care and maintenance to uphold their elegance. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the fabric’s soft texture and vibrant colour. Consider looking for chairs with removable and washable covers or opting for professional cleaning services to ensure the chair remains pristine.

What colours do tufted velvet chairs come in?

Our comfortable velvet chairs come in a variety of colours, such as navy blue, light blue, pink, green and grey. Some of our chairs feature deluxe chrome gold metal legs or wooden legs.