LED Work Light

Ultra bright, durable and easy to use, the LED work lights by LightFox are great for a variety of vehicles, including SUV, ATV, UTV, Jeep, crossovers, tractors, etc. Available in a range of sizes including 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch, LED work lights are sealed to IP-68 rating for all weather dependability.

Choosing the right LED work lights

It is important to select the right LED work light for your needs. When it comes to driving, a narrow-beamed light is ideal as it provides long distance visibility and brightness. A wide-beamed light is great for reaching across large areas, and is also suitable for work.


What are the benefits of LED work lights?

Heavy duty LED work lights provide strong, focused lighting whenever you need it. In addition to providing visibility on the road, a powerful LED work light is a great addition to a ute tray or when completing work where flashlights are inadequate.

Some advantages of LED work lights include:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Long lasting
  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly - replace your light less
  • Mountable and safe for a range of uses
  • Free from radiation

Installing LED work lights

How you mount your light is also important to ensure you’re getting optimum use out of it. There are a number of options for vehicles, including mounting them on your bumper, bullbar or the roof of your car. It’s crucial that the light is solidly affixed to avoid vibrations, as this can disrupt visibility on the road.

When using your LED light for work, you have the option of mounting it to your ute tray or doors. Advanced users may opt to install their light so it swivels, providing you with maximum flexibility when working. Carefully consider the placement of your LED work light before installing it, as drilling and mounts can be difficult to reverse.

Offroading with LED work lights

When you’re chasing thrills, it’s crucial to have the right lights to illuminate the experience. LED work lights are great for off road lighting during the day or fog lights during unfavourable weather conditions. These lights are stronger than your regular vehicle lights, making them an essential tool when getting off the beaten track.

Shop for LightFox LED work lights

If you like to push the boundaries when it comes to night driving, then you’ll love the wide range of LightFox LED work lights and LED reverse lights that we have available. These products are expertly designed with performance in mind and provide for an impressive level of illumination. Whether you’re driving down a highway, off roading or exploring the countryside, know that you’ll always be prepared when you invest in LightFox LED work lights. 

Buy LED work lights online in Australia

Shop online with us if you’re looking to buy high-quality LED work lights in Australia. We can also help with LED lights bars, LED driving lights and LED headlights. Free shipping and ZipPay available. Contact us on (03) 9369 8588 for further information or send an email to sales@sunyee.com.au.

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