Rooftop Solar Panels

Calling all adventurers. If you want to power your home appliances quickly and safely while on the go, our ATEM POWER rooftop solar panels is the perfect solution. Made of A-Grade monocrystalline solar cells and tempered glass, it features a 23.5% increase in cell efficiency. Use our Z shaped aluminum mounting brackets can be used to mount the panels to the rooftop of your caravan, RV, trailer, yacht or boat. Shop rooftop solar panels online with Sunyee International.

The benefits of rooftop solar panels

There are many reasons why more and more RVers are making the switch from traditional generators to camping solar panels. Rooftop solar panels are easy to set up and provide enough power to operate your entire campsite. Fitted securely to your roof, solar panels don’t take up very much space at all and can be easily removed if need be. 

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