Extendable Towing Mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, size matters quite a bit. This is particularly true for towing where clear visibility is vital. There’s only so much standard mirrors can do for you. Good towing mirrors can help you get a better view of traffic and various obstacles around you. Here at Sunyee International, we offer some of the best quality towing mirrors in Australia.  

Why you need towing mirrors?

Although side mirrors typically provide visibility for the length of your vehicle, it doesn’t account for things that you may be carrying at the back of your vehicle, such as a caravan. This is where an expanded field of view is important. Your stock side mirrors will no longer do the job for you. Towing mirrors will give you that much needed extra visibility.

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Additionally, towing mirrors are a legal requirement in Australia if you’re towing anything wider than your vehicle. An attachment in the form of a caravan or something similar is classified as an addition. This affects your vehicle’s compliance, specifically the Vehicle Standard Australian Design Rule 14/02 – Rear Vision Mirrors 2006 Amendment 1. What this means that when you add a caravan you would usually tend to block the field of vision to some extent. Thereby, if the addition is wider than the tow vehicle, you would need towing mirrors.   

Things to note when you’re going for towing mirrors online

So what should you look out for when shopping for towing mirrors online? Here are a few things to consider. 

  • Extending range: How far the towing mirror will extend from the passenger/driver seat
  • View range: The field of view of the towing mirror
  • Easy installation: How easy is it to install the towing mirrors?
  • Vehicle compatibility: Does the towing mirror fit in with your vehicle?

Towing mirrors come in a variety of forms, each designed to suit different vehicle requirements. In addition to the above, you should also pay attention to the type of towing mirror you plan on getting. The mirror-mounted version is the most popular option among customers. This is where you clamp the towing mirror to your existing side mirrors.

Similarly, you could go for a door-mounted towing mirror. The main advantage here is the extra stability that comes with mounting to the door. Clearview towing mirrors, or extendable towing mirrors, on the other hand, replace your existing side mirrors altogether. 

Sunyee -the trusted choice for vehicle accessories

Going with towing mirrors not only helps with maintaining visibility and safety, but also ensures you adhere to the legal requirements in Australia. Our towing mirrors are specially designed to suit the Australian environment and improve your safety when towing trailers, caravans, and boats.

Our range of SAN HIMA towing mirrors are available for many popular makes, including Nissan Navara, Land Rover Discovery 4, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado and Isuzu D-Max, to name a few. Regardless of the model and make, you’ll find that installing an extendable towing mirror is a breeze while being easily adjustable.  

Looking for some Nissan patrol Towing Mirrors? Need to replace your Ford Ranger Tow Mirrors? In the market for throttle controllers and caravan tow bars? We’ve got them all. Check out our lineup of towing mirrors and other accessories online for some amazing prices with discounts over 40%.

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