Swivel Armchairs

When you're considering seating options that offer both comfort and a sense of dynamism, a swivel armchair could be precisely what you need. With a rotating base that allows for 360-degree movement, swivel armchairs in Australia are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility and convenience.

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Perfect pairing for swivel armchairs 

Elevate your home's aesthetic and functionality with the ideal accessories to accompany your swivel armchair. Imagine coupling it with a chic modular sofa, thereby transforming your living room into a haven of comfort and style. Alternatively, the synergy between a swivel armchair and an accent table cannot be overstated; together, they form a harmonious ensemble that effortlessly converts any room into a dedicated reading corner or a lively conversational hub.

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What is a swivel armchair?

A swivel armchair is a chair with armrests that comes with a revolving base, enabling you to rotate the seat in any direction. This feature adds a level of flexibility that standard armchairs simply cannot offer, making it easier for you to engage in multiple activities without leaving your seat.

What's the difference between a swivel armchair and a standard armchair?

The primary difference is the swivelling feature in swivel armchairs, offering more flexibility and movement compared to a standard armchair.

What styles, sizes and colours of swivel armchairs are available?

From leather to fabric, compact to expansive, and neutral tones to vibrant colours, there's a swivel armchair for every taste and space.

Why choose a swivel armchair?

Swivel armchairs offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility, making them ideal for multitasking or simply adding a dynamic touch to your living space. By taking time to understand your specific needs, you can select a swivel armchair that perfectly complements your home's decor while fulfilling all your comfort requirements.