Solar Blankets

Power up for your next camping adventure with a folding solar blanket. Perfect to keep in your 4WD or caravan, a solar blanket provides the convenience of solar energy for appliances, lights, gadgets plus much more. Don’t get caught out without batteries or a power supply - Sunyee International has a selection of  handy solar blankets that fold up easily for storage, so you can keep one tucked away for your outdoor trip.

Folding Solar blanket features

Folding solar blankets are engineered to maximise the sun’s rays and convert it to efficient, reliable energy while on the road. Some features of solar blankets include:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable - can be packed to 1/8th of its size
  • Weatherproof for Australian outback conditions
  • Heavy duty to ensure a longer lifespan
  • Impact resistant and shatter resistant
  • Reliable charging performance

Solar Panel blankets for sale in Australia

If you’re after a folding solar blanket for your next camping trip in Australia, look for further than Sunyee International. We’re one of the leading brands in the country for camping and outdoor equipment, caravan and trailer parts, 4x4 accessories, and much more. Browse our selection of inverters and regulators, solar panel cables and battery boxes to get you geared up for adventure.


12V 200W and 300W solar blankets

Browse ATEM POWER 12v solar folding blankets, available in 200W and 300W. The difference in wattage depends on what you will be using your solar blanket for. A 200W folding solar blanket can be used to power small devices and appliances that require little energy, such as LED lights, mobile phones, radios, mini coolers, power banks and mini projectors.

For many camping enthusiasts, a 200W solar blanket provides sufficient energy for short to medium trips. A 300W folding solar blanket can power more energy-hungry devices and appliances, such as laptops, mini fridges, small stoves and heaters. 300W solar blankets are great for longer trips away, and make an ideal energy source for caravans.

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