Camping & Portable Solar Panels

Planning a camping trip? Looking for portable solar panels for your upcoming adventure? We provide a range of ATEM POWER portable solar panels including rooftop solar panels, lightweight solar panels, folding solar panels, solar blankets, flexible solar panels, and inverters and regulators, along with accessories and wiring.

Our complete solar panel kit includes a solar regulator, Anderson plugs and alligator clips to charge up your 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery in no time! Shop our range of 12v solar panels, 160w solar panels and 4x4 solar panels.

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Why you need folding solar panels for camping and offroading

Beyond being a renewable green source of energy that’s environmentally friendly and completely free to run, solar panels can offer a range of positives when it comes to camping - especially if you are going remote.  

From folding solar panel solutions that provide an easy to use, ready-to-go setup to flexible solar panels that can be installed on yachts, boats or RVs - your solar power options are endless. Ditch the noisy, bulky generator and invest in portable solar panels for your next outdoor trip.  

In Australia, solar panels can be incredibly useful in producing power to operate a campsite. When finding ways to optimise your solar panels for camping, it all boils down to choosing the right solar panel kit. To get the best results, mount your solar panels on the roof of your vehicle or place them around your campsite to absorb more of the sun’s rays.

Choosing the right camping solar panel for the job

Different solar panels offer varying functionalities. So, it’s important to know which solar panel you should go with for the job. Want to power all your home appliances safely on the go? ATEM POWER rooftop solar panels might be what you need. These panels can be conveniently mounted to the rooftop of your trailer, RV, or boat. If you’re looking for something more portable, our extensive range of lightweight solar panel options will fit the bill.

Solar blankets on the other hand, offer portability in a strong packaging while fitting in for pretty much any camping lifestyle. These blankets are weatherproofed so that they outlast harsh Australian outback conditions. Its solid copper backing and thick connectors ensure higher efficiency. 

Alternatively, folding solar panels and flexible solar panels offer a greater flexibility as well as mobility. Our folding solar panels ships with a 95% light penetration rate and are built to be impact-resistant.

Why shop the Sunyee camping solar panel kits

When you choose Sunyee, you can rest assured you’re getting the best performance on the market. Enjoy features such as:

  • Lightweight design
  • Compactibility 
  • Versatility 
  • Heavy duty construction 
  • Overcharging cut-off technology 
  • 12V to 240V output 
  • Efficient energy conversion 
  • Resistance to impact, shattering and water 
  • Various types to suit your purpose 

Choose Sunyee for your camping solar panels online

Offering an extensive range of lightweight solar panel options for campers, boaters and RVers, Sunyee only supplies the best solar devices.

Buy portable solar panels with confidence from our online shop today. Stocking all the latest accessories, from solar panel cables to batteries, our products come with a competitive warranty and carrying cover.

Not sure which solar panel is best suited for your needs? Get in touch and our team can help pick the perfect solution for you.

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