LED Headlights

Sunyee International, an Australian company that primarily focuses on providing premium LED lights of all types to improve your driving experiences and create a safer and more comfortable conditions in the night, offers a huge selection of automotive, industrial and outdoor LED lights to illuminate the dark surroundings around you. And here’s our guide to the profile of the products.

The LED headlight kits offered by Lightfox & Bunker Indust are engineered to provide incredible luminous efficacy with CREE or Philips chips, and superior optical construction delivers accurate beams without any dark spots or foggy light. The headlights also come with micro-fans that guarantee no overheating and a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and are designed to be incredibly easy to install. If all these things are not enough, those headlights are manufactured to be 100% shock, dust and waterproof, and there isn’t any circuit interference or electromagnetic radiation to ensure peace of mind.

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