Laser Driving Lights

Discover the latest in off-road lighting with the range of LED laser driving lights for sale at Sunyee. Laser driving lights are suitable for 4WD vehicles as they increase the distance of your spot-beam light by up to 2000 metres, enhancing your visibility in low light conditions, heavy rain or fog, and when driving at night. Browse all LED driving spotlights from top brands such as LightFox and Fieryred and get geared up for your next off-road adventure with Sunyee.

Do I need laser driving lights?

Your safety on the road is paramount. While many 4WDs and off-road vehicles feature heavy-duty lighting, often the stock headlights do not provide enough visibility in challenging conditions. 4WD laser driving lights not only allow you to see further ahead, but can alert oncoming vehicles of your presence to enable you to drive safely on the road. LED Laser driving lights are IP68 and built tough to withstand the elements, so you can tackle rain, wind, fog and hail with the backing of a superior product.

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Laser driving lights vs LED lights

While both products are popular enhancements for 4WD vehicles, they boast different features. Notably, laser driving lights offer up to 1,000 times more intensity compared to standard LED lights, while only consuming a fraction of the power. Laser LED driving spotlights can also light up twice the distance of LED headlights, making them a worthwhile investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

Shop for LED driving spotlights at Sunyee

At Sunyee, you can shop for a range of LED driving lights, LED headlights, LED light bars and more to suit most popular car brands and models. If you’re unsure which product is right for you, get in touch with our expert team today for assistance and advice.