Lightfox LED Light Bars

Want to make driving in low light conditions a breeze? Give your vehicle some extra boost of lighting with Lightfox LED headlights. These feature-packed LED light solutions are equipped to address all your lighting needs. Wherever you go, on the highway or off-road, you can have peace of mind that our LIghtfox LED lights prioritise your safety and performance.

Lightfox LED lights offer a variety of options for you to choose, ranging from the 20 inch light bars to LED trailer tail lights. The 20 inch Cree LED light bar’s spot combo beam provides a wider vision and longer illumination distance. 

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Invest in Lightforce driving lights to illuminate any path

When you invest in top-of-the-range lights, you can drive with confidence that you’ll get the best vision on the road. Whether you choose Lightfox headlights, spotlights, or LED light bars, they’ll be durable, reliable, and efficient. Made from unbreakable lenses, and aluminium housing, they also waterproof, dustproof, and quakeproof abilities. Our lights are versatile so you can not only use them for driving, you can also take them mining, camping, or boating.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a top-notch pair of headlights? The 6500LM LED Headlight kit is capable of emitting 6,000 lumens of 6500K pure white brightness and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. 

Alternatively, you might be looking for some spotlights, work lights or a 50 inch LED light bar. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Lightfox LED lights have what you need. 

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