Defend Indust Light Bars

A reliable set of light bars are important for every 4x4. At Sunyee International we provide nothing less than premium quality vehicle accessories, including light bars. With Defend Indust light bars you can’t go wrong. 


A wide selection to choose from 

Among the many great options, the Defend Indust 7 inch LED light bar is the perfect way for you to extend the field of vision of your vehicle. With an optically upgraded curved reflector cup, you’re bound to get a more optimised beam of light. Alternatively, you could go for a bigger option like the 13inch LED light bar which is bound to last you 50,000 hours. 

Still not enough? Not to worry, the Defend Indust 20 inch light bar might suit you better. It’s a brighter option at 12,800 lumens with better illumination performance of 6,000K.

Whatever option you choose, Defend Indust light bars will resolve your lighting needs for your 4x4.

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Defend Indust LED Driving Light 1,600lm (pair)