6inch Light Bar

Get equipped for your next off-road adventure with a 6 inch LED light bar from Sunyee. Combining high performance lighting with a durable build, a 6inch light bar makes the perfect addition to the average SUV, truck or off-road vehicle. Explore the range of 6inch light bars from top brands including Defend Indust and LightFox, or browse all light LED bars for sale at Sunyee.

How many lumens is a 6 inch light bar?

At Sunyee, we stock a range of 6 inch LED light bars with lumens ranging from 2,880 for a single row light bar, through to 26,000 for a double row light bar.

Benefits of using a 6inch light bar

Light bars can provide you with far greater visibility than your vehicle’s standard headlights as LED lights are more powerful than halogen.

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A 6 inch LED light bar can be fitted to most SUVs, 4WDs, trucks and cars and are built to withstand the elements, making them the perfect offroad companion. Whether you’re driving in low light conditions, at night or in rainy weather, a 6inch LED light bar is an absolute must when it comes to staying safe on the road.

Amplify your driving experience with LED driving lights, including LED headlights, 20inch light bars and more. If you’re not sure which light is right for your vehicle, browse by brand or model, or get in touch with our expert team today for further assistance.