Atem Power

ATEM POWER, born in June, 2017, as a synonym for exciting outdoor experience, is an Australian company with dedication and passion for the R&D of high quality products in the field of renewable energy products, batteries and related accessories. 

Since the company was founded, we have committed to innovation that aims to makes your life infinitely more convenient. We engineer and supply solar products for homes, 4x4s, recreational vehicles and virtually any application you can think of. And we also develop reliable, high performing deep-cycled batteries and lithium batteries for standby or daily power needs. Accessories include battery chargers and inverters that are ideal for RV’s, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts and many more applications!



At ATEM POWER, we stay true to our DNA by prioritizing technological innovation designed to improve our products and striving to provide excellent customer care. Because we are motivated to explore the limits of solar power!

Atem power camping solar panel solutions

In the market for camping solar panel solutions? Atem Power offers a variety of choices ranging from 60W solar panel mono generators and folding solar panel kits to flexible solar panel solutions. The Atem Power camping solar panel solutions ensure you have a reliable source of power to charge your electronics, watering system, RV and others.

Also on offer are the high-quality Atem Power deep cycle batteries. These serve to support the higher electrical demands of your vehicle and applications. The Atem Power 120 portable battery box works well for 4x4s and small boats. The bigger batteries like the Atem Power 120Ah and 135Ah AGM deep cycle batteries are built for enhanced conductivity, electrolyte absorption and effective charge keeping.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Atem Power solar solutions are sure to address your solar power requirements.

Atem Power 20Ah 12V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery