SAN HIMA Pair Towing Mirrors Universal Multi Fit Clamp On 4X4 Caravan

Product Code: K-VATM008AX2-SUN

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Ideal for 4x4's, large and small cars with Unique Air Balanced Design to Stop Vibration

Premium strap system ensures a secure fit.

Mirror tension can be adjusted easily

Stainless Steel Clamping Screws

Stainless Steel Screws With Brass Inserts - Which will never Corrode

Unbreakable glass fiber clamps

Smooth rounded surfaces safe for pedestrians

Designed in wind tunnel (Aerodynamic Head) - they become more stable the faster you go

Minimal effect from passing road trains

Flat Chrome Safety Convex mirrors


Item Type: Towing Mirror Universal Multi-fit

Folding Features: Manually fold

Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Item Size: 770x300x200mm(Each Pair)

Item Weight: 1.3KG(Each Pair)

2 x Universal Multi-fit Towing Mirrors
1 x Stroage Bag
1 x Manual


1 Year Warranty