Wooden Bar Stools

Add a beautiful accent piece to your kitchen with the addition of wood bar stools. These elegant pieces combine contemporary styling with the timeless appeal of wood. This combination is what makes solid wood bar stools so versatile and why they are a great addition to your kitchen or home bar, no matter your decor style. 


At Sunyee, we offer a wide range of modern wooden bar chairs designed for comfort and style. Browse the full range online today. 

Quality solid wood bar stools you will enjoy for years to come

Ideal for elevated seatings, wooden counter stools are a popular choice in homes that are tight on space and rely on meals around a breakfast bar rather than a traditional dining table. 

All our models incorporate wood with leather or soft fabric accents in black and grey. These colours can seamlessly fit in with the existing colours in your kitchen or home bar area, making them a timeless design choice as you’ll be able to find space for them as your own preferences change. 

All of our wooden stools have supportive backrests. You don’t need to worry about guests feeling uncomfortable while eating and drinking and can focus on enjoying your time together. 

Our collection of wooden bar stools hails from Oikiture, a brand known for its range of quality bar stool and dining chair options. You can rely on the quality of Oikture wooden bar stools, which blend functionality and style seamlessly into their range. There is no better brand to choose when it comes to well-made bar stools that will stand in your kitchen for many years to come. 

Shop rustic and modern wood bar stools at Sunyee

There’s no better place to find bar stools that combine style and functionality than at Sunyee. If wooden stools don’t match your aesthetic, don’t forget to consider our range of metal bar stools. These bar stools share many features with our wooden models - you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the right stools for your home. 


What is the difference between a wooden counter stool and a wooden bar stool?

The key difference lies in their height. Wooden counter stools are shorter and ideal for kitchen counters, while wooden bar stools are taller and suited for bar height counters. Many of the wooden bar stools in our collection are adjustable, so you can find something that will suit both uses very easily. 

What kind of decor does a wood bar stool suit?

Wood bar stools are versatile and suitable for decor ranging from rustic country to modern minimalist. We stock Oikiture wooden bar stools at Sunyee, and they are a brand known for designs that bring warmth and organic elegance to a room, effortlessly blending with various interior themes. Many of our wood bar stools feature cushioned fabric accents, adding colour and texture to the design. 

What styles do modern wood bar stools come in?

Our range of wooden bar stools offers something for all discerning tastes. You can choose wooden bar stools with cushioned backs and seating in materials like leather, velvet and linen. Once you’ve chosen, you might want to consider extra features, like whether your wooden chair has a swivel seat or adjustable height options.