Fabric Dining Chair

Elevate your dining room with luxurious fabric dining chairs. These chairs make for a statement in your dining room or kitchen, helping to create a space that you and your guests will love to spend time in. 


From the classic charm of formal dining rooms to the relaxed ambience of modern kitchens, our fabric chairs are designed to complement many interior decor styles. Start exploring our collection online today, featuring a variety of styles and colours with models from top-quality brands like Oikiture. 

Discover the ideal addition to your space with modern fabric dining chairs

The versatility of fabric dining chairs makes them a favoured choice for many different settings. You can blend our collection of upholstered dining chairs with various table styles, from rustic timber to sleek glass. The range of fabrics we use to cover our chairs leaves plenty of room for creativity. 

Velvet fabric dining chairs are key elements if you want to bring a little luxury to your dining space - depending on the style of chair you use. Choose a French Provincial style chair to evoke old-school glamour or a more paired-back modern style to complement a simpler space. Patterned fabric dining chairs offer a sense of fun and can add a focal point in a room decorated in a minimalist style, while leather dining chairs look great in any space with industrial-style decor. 


Explore the collection of upholstered dining chairs at Sunyee today

Explore our online store to find high-quality fabric dining chairs. Our collection has been curated with care, so you’re selecting from some of the best. We proudly provide a wide range of dining chair options for your home.

Browse our metal and wooden dining chair collection, or find a variety of bar stool options for more casual dining experiences. 


Why should I buy a fabric dining chair?

A unique blend of comfort and style sets a fabric dining chair apart. Embrace the comfortable cushioning and the cosy, inviting atmosphere they bring to a dining space. With the range of textures and colours available, you shouldn’t have issues matching the chairs to your current space. 

What kinds of fabrics are modern dining chairs made with?

A range of different fabrics are used to cover the dining chairs in our collection. Those looking for something with a more luxurious feel might choose one of our velvet fabric dining chairs - a great addition to more formal-styled dining rooms. You can also choose linen-covered seats, which usually create a more laid-back, casual vibe. Explore dining chairs in trusty neutrals like black and grey, or experiment with a bold colour or pattern. 

How do I maintain an upholstered dining chair?

Your fabric dining chair may need a little more regular TLC than a metal or wooden one. Regular vacuuming is important to pick up crumbs and dust, as is quick stain treatment if anything lands on the chair during meals. Keep bright or patterned fabrics out of immediate sunlight to avoid the fabric fading.