Electric Winch

Electric winches are known for their reliable and strong mechanical properties. With the ability to handle your daily tasks and heavy-duty work (like bailing your vehicle out of slippery mud), this mechanical device is specifically designed to save your time and effort and enjoy your offroad adventure to the fullest! 

Other features and benefits that come with our electric winches include: 

  • Stronger and faster winching performance
  • Powerful pulling capability 
  • Ultra braking performance 
  • Premium synthetic rope 
  • A cradle suited for trucks, SUVs, Jeep, trailers, and other 4x4 vehicles
  • Quieter machine 
  • Portable body 

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Secure your boat trailers & cars with our electric winches 

The electric winches are an effective tool to have on hand if you often venture into foreign terrains and waters. Ready for use at any time, you don’t have to worry about having enough power to pull and tug the rope in your electric winch. You can easily mount electric winches on any type of vehicle and start using them for anything from jump-starting a car to pulling a tree stump out of your backyard.

Our winches are able to handle 4,000 lb, 5,500 lb, 6,500 lb, and up to 17,500 lb of weight; so rest assured that you can rely on our winches for a safe and smooth journey. Don’t hesitate to browse our online collections to discover quality 12v winches, hand winches, and boat winches that can support your next adventure!

    14500LBS 12V Synthetic Rope Electric Winch
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    13000LBS 12V Synthetic Rope Electric Winch
    FIERYRED 12V 5500LBS Synthetic Rope Electric Winch
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    FIERYRED 12V 5500LBS Steel Cable Electric Winch
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