Winch Rope

Rely on our strong and durable winch ropes to elevate your next boating or offroad adventure!

Made from heavy-duty synthetic material, our ropes are designed with extra protection and durability to withstand any weather and terrain conditions. Available in 10mm x 30 m dimensions, rest assured that our winch ropes will provide more comfort and efficiency as you navigate the Australian wilderness. 

At Sunyee, we offer a range of winch ropes manufactured by leading brands in the industry, including Fieryred and Dyneema. In addition to winch ropes, we also offer an excellent selection of 12V winches, hand winches, electric winches, and boat winches to help you explore Australian natural wonders with confidence.

How long does synthetic winch rope last?

If kept in a good condition you can use the synthetic rope for your boat or offroad vehicle for up to 10 long years. Good condition means free from visible cuts, frays, abrasion, broken strands etc.

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Synthetic winch rope benefits

  • Offer durability that can hold out against extreme weather conditions and environments.
  • Elasticity allows flexible and comfortable use.
  • Is synthetic winch rope better than cable? Here is the answer - compared to steel cables, synthetic ropes have better functionality to move any obstacles that your offroad vehicles may face on the way.
  • Combined with the capability to support weights up to 10,800kgs, our winch ropes are able to support a wide array of outdoor activities. 

Need a Winch rope replacement?

Do you think its difficult to change a winch rope? Changing your winch rope should be a relatively easy task that doesn’t take too much hassle. You simply need to remove your old rope and install your new rope by attaching it to the winch drum. Don’t forget to test your rope to ensure it’s functioning well before you take it to your next adventure.