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Recovery Snatch Block 8 Ton Heavy Duty Rated Pulley Rescue Winch Hoist

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This Snatch Block is an incredibly useful piece of recovery equipment that greatly increases the versatility of either a vehicle mounted or portable winch.

This Snatch Blocks also feature as 20mm pulley plate.

The groove on the pulley itself tapers down to the centre, allowing for a variety of cable sizes to be used and ensuring the cable is seated securely, minimising lateral movement

Solid construction

Up 12mm Cable / Rope

8 Ton (16,000 Pounds) heavy duty


Plate Colour: Black

Pulley Colour: Silver

Working Load Limit: 8 Tons 16,000 Pounds

Max Cable / Rope: Up to 12mm

Size: 230x120mm

Weight: 3kg


1 x Snatch Block Pulley


1 Year Warranty