Electric Winch Wireless Synthetic Rope Remote 12V 4000LBS ATV 4WD BOAT

Product Code: T4000S-SUN

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Powerful 1.6 HP 12V DC permanent magnetic motor,Automatic braking locks rope to prevent free spooling

Completely waterproof, 4000 lbs rated capacity line pull for smooth and efficient operation

3-Stage planetary gear system, 32.8 feet of 6/25 inch synthetic rope with hawse fairlead

Mechanical and dynamic brake for control while winching, including the detailed manual instruction

Reliable Solenoid Relay Controller, disconnects your winch from power source when the vehicle is not in use

Hand controller with heavy duty wiring,made from tough rubber, long length gives you the freedom to connect easily

Durable accessories,use quality materials and strictly control the production process


Rated line pull: 4000 lbs

Permanent magnetic motor: 1.6 HP/1.2 KW, DC 12V

Synthetic rope: 6/25" x 32.8

Gear Ratio: 198 : 1

Drum size: 1.97" x 3"

Bolt pattern: 4.88 x 3"

Dimensions: 13.15"x4.49" x 4.72"

Item Weight: 18.7 lbs


1 x 4000LBS Electric Winch

1 x Power Cord/ Switch Assembley

1 x Solenoid Relay Controller

1 x Handle Control

1 x Hawse Fairlead;1 x Mouhting Plate & accessories


3 year