Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1500W Max 3000W Power 12V- 240V Car Caravan

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If you are searching for a reliable and efficient device to power you appliances, the DC Master series, which is the best pure sine wave inverter that ATEM POWER offers to the market, is something you cannot afford to miss. This inverter, which is rated 1500W and will deliver up to 3000W at peak, provides reliable and powerful AC source without signal interference, and that means it is safe to work with delicate electronics. It features low harmonic distortion and you won’t experience any fluctuations during use. And it also runs silently, you won’t hear any humming, buzzing, or high pitched sound. To ensure reliable performance, it also features multiple built-in voltage protection, overload shutdown, short circuit warning, isolated input & output design and overheat protection.And this model is ideal for 4WD, truck, caravan, boat, etc, all you need to do is to hook it up and tap on power to run your appliance.So what are you waiting for, get yours today!


Pure Sine Wave: This pure sine wave inverter provides clean and efficient inverter power with a total harmonic distortion of less than 10%.

Powerful & Reliable: Available in power ranges from 1500W-3000W, this model is engineered to safely operate sensitive electronics.

Ultimate Protection: Voltage protection, overload automatic shutdown, short circuit warning, isolated input & output design are integrated.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: Extra panel for self-cooling and automatic fans for high-load operation, which can greatly enhance its performance.

Quieter Operation: This inverter features quieter and smoother operation and the automatic fans will not produce buzzing noise.

Ultra Tough Housing: Solid aluminium case is built to offer ultimate protection for delicate component inside.

Soft Start: This function is specially designed for smoother start up for appliance, particularly for delicate electronics.

Superior Inversion Efficiency: ATEM POWER Inversion technology serves as a guarantee for 90% inversion efficiency

Multiple Sockets: 2 built-in AC sockets and an USB port that meet Australian specifications for versatile use.

Ideal For Outdoor Use: This Inverter is ideal for 4WD, home, office, caravan, truck, car, solar system and features simple and effortless setup.


Continuous Power 1500W

Peak Power 3000W

AC Output Voltage: AC240V±10%

Input Voltage: DC12V

30 Minutes Continuous Power: Standard Power of Inverter

No Load Current:

Working Temperature: -10℃~ 40℃

Low Voltage Protection: 10.2-10.8V

Size 330x170x80mm

Weight: 3.3kg


1 x Pure Sine Power Inverter

2 x Backup Fuses

2 x Battery cables


1 Year Warranty