4x4 Recovery Gear in Australia

A 4x4 recovery gear kit is an essential product to have in the boot of every vehicle. For those off road emergencies where you get stuck in sand, snow or mud, our recovery gear is here to save you. We offer a range of products to help your vehicle gain traction or to tow your vehicle out of loose terrain. Our lightweight, compact 4x4 recovery gear bags can be easily stored in limited spaces so it won’t take up much room in your vehicle. So whatever hole you’ve dug yourself into, you can rely on our 4WD recovery gear to get yourself out. 

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Quality, reliable 4WD recovery gear for sale 

At Sunyee International, our 4x4 recovery gear is sourced from trusted suppliers such as BUNKER INDUST, MAXTRAX and FIERYRED. Suitable for a range of vehicles, you can use our recovery gear to recover ATVs, UTVs and even adapt it to larger vehicles when needed. 

No matter your budget, we offer various recovery gear options in our range that won’t break the bank. With whatever you choose, rest assured you can have peace of mind that you can hit any track, even in the roughest terrains. In our wide selection, you can find recovery tracks, extraction devices, kinetic rope, jack and shovel holders, jack wheel lifters, bow shackles, jack base plates - everything you might need to recover your vehicle. Choose our standalone products or invest in a recovery gear kit that combines all the necessary towing essentials. With Sunyee International’s range of 4WD recovery gear, you will get the best features for durability, convenience and performance. The tough material of our recovery gear offers resistance to harsh weather, impact and temperatures, so they’re truly made to last in any condition. Investing in quality recovery gear for your 4WD is a surefire way to get you and your vehicle out of trouble. 

Shop 4WD recovery gear kits online 

Need assistance with our range of 4x4 recovery gear kits? Get in touch with the team at Sunyee International, just call (03) 9369 8588 or email us at sales@sunyee.com.au. Sunyee International is Australia’s leading destination for vehicle accessories, camping and outdoor gear, home and gardening products, and much more. You can look to us for tow bars, recovery tracks and winches, to name a few. We are passionate about offering quality products at prices you’ll love. Check out our latest promotional deals today.