Wireless 4500LB/2041kg 12V Electric Winch Synthetic Rope ATV 4WD 4x4

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  • 3 Stage Planetary Gearing System
  • 10M Synthetic Dyneema Rope
  • Power in and Power out
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Automatic Load-holding Brake
  • Bonus winch mounting plate


Tough on-n-off road guarding through swamp and pull you off the danger with hassle free!

Heavy duty essence on complete resistance to harsh weather, multiply intrepid reliability against corrosion and moisture!

Viciously pulling power drag you out of the vital circumstances! Dual modes comply with wired and wireless function!

It is highly recommended that the winch be used regularly ( Twice a month)

Simply power the rope out 2-3m , free spool 2m , then power back in

This helps keep all components in good working condition

For heavy user , winch servicing is required regularly by professional

12 month warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customers


Performance Voltage: DC 12V/24V

Motor: 1.2HP Permanent Magnet

Rated Line Pull: 4500LBS (2045KG)

Gear Reduction Ratio: 153:1

Gearing: Differential planetary

Free Spooling Clutch: Pull and Turn

Weight: N.W 7.8kg

Dimensions: 290x100x100mm


1 Year Warranty


  • 1 x 4500LBS Electric Winch
  • 1 x Remote Switch
  • 1 x Wire Control Box
  • 1 set accessories