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  • Automatic charging/ maintaining:No need of any manual operation, just plug and leave trickle charger for charging and maintaining your batteries automatically for long time.
  • 6V/12V Selectable Output:The trickle charger is ideal for maintaining both 6V and 12V car, motorcycle, lawn mower, ATV, RV and More.
  • 7-stage charging process: (Qualification,Recondition,Bulk Charge,Full,Analysis,Maintenance Mode) allows for optimization of battery power, without the damage of overcharging.
  • Safety Protection: Multi-level safety protects against overcharging, short-circuits and reverse polarity. Spark Free Technology.
  • Easy connection: InThoor trickle charger is easy to connected to motorcycles and vehicle’s battery using the included big battery clips and O-ring terminal
  • Unique Design: Ultra compact, portable and lightweight and easy to use, water and dust resistant.


The ICS1 represents most advanced technology and efficiency in the market, making each charge a simple press. The ICS1 is designed for charging all types of 6V12V lead-acid batteries, including Wet, Gel, MF, and VRLA, AGM batteries. It is suitable for charging battery capacities from 4 to 20Ah and maintaining all battery sizes. pasting.The ICS1 has multiple modes: The ICS1 has multiple colors LED to indicate various charging mode: SOLID, FAST BLINK, SLOW BLINK IN (RED/GREEN/BLUE).


Input Voltage AC 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz

Working Voltage AC 85-264 VAC, 47-63Hz

Efficiency 80%

Power 19W Max

Charging Voltage 6V/12V

Charging Current 1A

Low-Voltage Detection 7.5V(12V), 4V(6V)

Back Current Drain 2mA

Ambient Te mperature -10C to 45C

Charger Type 7 Step, Smart Charger

Type of Batteries 6V 12V

Battery Chemistries Wet, Gel, MF, VRLA and AGM

Battery Capacity 4-20Ah (12V), 4-20Ah (6V)

Housing Protection IP20

Cooling Natural Convection

Dimensions (L x W x H) 84X49.3X32mm

Weight 0. 25/ 0. 3kg with box


1 Year Warranty


  • 1x Smart battery charger
  • 1x Cable with battery clips 
  • 1x Cable with O-ring terminal
  • 1x Manual