LIGHTFOX 7inch HID Driving Light 1 Lux @ 890M IP68 Rating 7500 Lumens

Product Code: 707C-B100W-SPOT*2-SUN-R1

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HID Off-road lamps provide extremely bright light that can be seen from miles away, they have a colour spectrum that is so close to daylight that ordinary bulbs appear to be yellow by comparison. HID is ideal for Off-road or racing.

These high power HID lights use 100W slim ballast which delivers true 100W power, providing super bright light for your off-road or racing needs.

Long life lamps - 3000 hours life time, 10 times longer than halogen bulb

Energy saving - 50% less energy consumption

Super bright - 3 times brighter than the same powered halogen bulb

Ballast & starter are integrated into the housing

Energy-efficient and low power consumption

Heavy Duty Metal Stand.

The suitable design for heating elimination.

The high performance of tight weather-proof, dust-proof, quake-proof.


Model: 707C-SPOT

Rated Output Power: 100W +/-3W

Rated Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Lens: PMMA Poly(methyl methacrylate)

Material: Plastic

Housing: High lmpact ABS

Reflector: Die-Cast Aluminum

Ballast: Slim type built-in

Bulb: H3/6000K Xenon Bulb

HID Bulb Life Time: over 3000 hours

SIZE: 7 inch

Theoretical Lumens Output: 7500 LM

Current Draw: 8.33A/ 12V

Light Pattern: 30(Spot Beam)

Operation Temperature: -40C ~ 80C

Unit Dimensions: 205 x 225 x 155 mm

Weight: 3.1kg Approx.(with box)


2 x 7inch 100W HID Driving Lights

4 x Protecting Covers

1 x Wiring Kit


1 Year Warranty