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Led Light Bar Rocker Switch Laser Etched Work Light Bar 4WD Ute 12V

Product Code: RS-LED-SUN-R1

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The Laser Etched wording will never wear off. and it will be always clear to see.

This switch is operating under 12V and 24V

Ultra-high-end luxury switch with LED indicator light

Black hard surface rocker

Single upper/lower LED light.


Switch type: Rocker switch Off/On

Operating Voltage: 20A/12V --10A/24V DC

Waterproof Rating: IP65

Base Color: Black

Mounting opening: 37 x 21mm

Illumination: Blue LED Illuminated

Number Of Terminals: 5

Weight: 27g

Size: 48*26*51mm


1 x Led Light Bar Laser Etched Rocker Switch


1 Year Warranty