9AH AMP Hour Battery 12V AGM SLA Deep Cycle Dual Fridge Solar Power 12

Product Code: VABY002A-SUN

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  • Avoid Short Circuit
  • Adequate capacity
  • Sealed Construction
  • Recharge after use
  • Do not charge in sealed container
  • Lead acid battery must be recycled or disposed of properly
  • AGM Deep Circle Battery
  • Multicell low maintenance design
  • Individual valve for each cell AGM technology, 99% free from electrolyte maintenance
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Can be used in any position


Standby Use: 13.5~13.8V Cycle Use: 14.4~15.0V AGM Battery: 12V 9AH Max Initial Current Less than 2.7A Product Dimension 150 x 95 x 65mm Weight 1.6kg


1 x AGM Battery


1 Year Warranty


  • 1 x AGM Battery