56PCS Tyre Puncture Repair Recovery Kit Heavy Duty 4WD Offroad Plugs

Product Code: TEK-067-AP-SUN

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  • 1. Locate and remove the offending object from tyres.
  • 2. Using the T-handle probe tool insert it into punctured hole and move is up and down tp expend the hold for repair
  • 3. Prepare the repair by lubricating the T-handle insertion tool and then insert the tire repair string through the hole
  • 4. Center the repair string and instert in into the punctured hole and push straight down.let the repair string stick out about 1/2 inch,push the ring sleeve down and pull straight out.Cut off excess
  • 5. Air tire to desire tire pressure and make sure punctured is seal properly before driving


100% Brand New and high quality.

Quick and easy to repair.

Tubeless tyre emergency repair kit.

Ideal for outdoor,highway vacuum tyre for emergency repairs use.

Excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel.

The handles on these tools are made from durable Alloy and have a great grip.

Suitable for passenger car, motorcyle, ATV, SUV and truck.


Base Color Black

Cord Length 200mm Standard

T-handle Size 140*100mm

Weight 1kg

Case Size 310*200*55mm


1 Year Warranty


  • 1x T-handle Spiral Probe Tool
  • 1x T-handle Insertion Tool
  • 1x Insertion Tool Replacement Pin
  • 40x Self-vulcanization Plugs
  • 4x Plastic Extension Valves
  • 4x Standard Valve Cores
  • 4x Brass Hex Valve Caps
  • 4x Plastic Valve Caps
  • 1x Valve Stem Tool
  • 1x Trim Knife
  • 1x Double Head Tire Pressure Gauge 5-50psi
  • 1x Radial Cord Lubricant
  • 1x Long Nose Pliers
  • 2x L-Shape Hex Key
  • 1x Storage Case