2x 12V 10W Solar Panel Kit Megavolt Caravan Camping Power MONO Battery

Product Code: VASPZHI-1HX2-SUN

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Absorbs maximum sunlight with latest solar cell technology

Heavy duty aluminium alloy frame

Built-in overcharging protection

Hail-resistant, tempered glass covering

1.5M Premium battery cable with alligator clips

Mounting holes for easy installation

25 years power output solar cells warranty

German TUV certification


Maximum Power(Pmax): 10W: Max Power Current: 0.56A: Max Power Voltage: 17.8V: Short Circuit Current: 0.71A: Open-Circuit Voltage: 21.9V: Temperature Range: -40C to +85C: Product Dimension: 350x250x17mm: Weight: 1.05kg(Each Panel)

2 x 10w Solar Panel Kit


1 Year Warranty