12V 120W 160W 200W 250W Folding Solar Panel Kit Blanket Mono Caravan


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They have outstanding solar efficiency rating, up to 23.5% thanks to the high quality A-Grade Monocrystalline Solar Cells used.

The panels feature the PET films,which have a 95% light penetration,minimize the impact on solar output.

Highly durable, impact-resistant and shatterproof, making them the most heavy duty portable solar option on the market.

Super light, weight around 80% lesser than equivalent Glass solar panels on the market.

They are constructed using a 1.2mm heat resistant PCB backing to ensure the solar panels remain strong and a long lifetime.

Including Solar Controller with alligator clips can be connected directly to AGM, Lead Acid, Gel & Calcium batteries.

Foldable design.small size with big power.Totally portable for camping outing.


Solar Panel Wattage: Max 120W

Max Power Voltage: 15.52V

Max Power Current : 7.73

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.60V

Short Circuit Current: 8.0A

Temperature Range: -40C - +85C

Folded Dimension: 540*630*10mm

Open Dimension: 1080*630*5mm

Weight: 3.5kg

Solar Panel Wattage: Max 160W

Max Power Voltage: 18.40V

Max Power Current : 8.70

Open Circuit Voltage: 22.50V

Short Circuit Current: 9.32A

Temperature Range: -40C - +85C

Folded Dimension: 5540*700*10mm

Open Dimension: 1080*700*5mm

Weight: 3.9kg

Solar Panel Wattage: Max 200W

Max Power Voltage: 17.80V

Max Power Current : 8.43

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.60V

Short Circuit Current: 8.85A

Temperature Range: -40C - +85C

Folded Dimension: 765*700*10mm

Open Dimension: 1530*700*5mm

Weight: 5.0kg

Solar Panel Wattage: Max 250W

Max Power Voltage: 17.80V

Max Power Current : 10.10A

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.60V

Short Circuit Current: 10.80A

Temperature Range: -40C - +85C

Folded Dimension: 860x695x10mm

Open Dimension: 1390x860x5mm

Weight: 6.0kg


1 x 120W/160W/200W/250W Solar Panel Kit

1 x Solar Regulator

1 x 5 meter Cables with MC4 connector

1 x 1 meter Cables with alligator clips

1x Accessories Carry Bag


25Years Output warranty