Break Away System with Battery& Switch Trailer Float Boat Electric

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  • Activates trailer brakes upon separation from the tow vehicle
  • Built-in LED battery meter verifies battery charge
  • LED's indicate Fully Charged/Re-Charge/Charging
  • Built In Battery Meter w/Test Lights
  • Complete system includes: Break Away Unit,Battery&Break Away Switch
  • Built-in battery charger- charges battery while connected with the tow vehicle
  • 1-2 axle capacity,Built-in 5-amp hour battery
  • Side-Mount installation design


The ATEM POWER Break-Away System is designed to bring trailers safely to a stop by activating electric brakes, should a trailer be disconnected while driving. This type of safety system is required in most states on trailers rated over 2000Kg GTM. The instructions must be precisely followed to ensure proper operations. Please read the following instructions thoroughly before installing this product. Your trailer must have operational electric brakes before installation , and your auxiliary power wire on the tow vehicle must be connected. Once you determine your trailer brakes work, and you verify that your auxiliary power is connected, find a secure location on your trailer to mount the Break-Away Kit


Capacity 1-2 axle capacity

Battery 5-amp hour

LED's indicate Fully Charged/Re-Charge/Charging

Dimensions 180mm(W)x140mm(L)x115cm(H)

Weight 2.1KG


1 Year Warranty


  • 1 x Break Away Unit
  • 1 x Battery (Built-in battery charger)
  • 1 x Break Away Switch