Automatic Wire Cutter Stripper Pliers Electrical Cable Crimper


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  • The wire stripper features convenience, efficiency and harmlessness to the cable cores. Just hold the handle and manipulate it once to successfully peel down the wire sheath. The alloy steel jaws: hardness(HRC36-42) suitable for the wire from 10 to 24 AWG(0.2-6.0mm). The cutter: hardness(HRC48-52), can cut off copper or aluminum wire. Can crimp insulted terminals from 10 to 22 AWG(0.5-6.0mm). Can Crimp non-insulted terminals from 4 to 22 AWG(0.5-6.0mm). With adjustment screw, you can adjust the strength of stripping.
  • This revolutionary tool makes repair and assembly projects more efficient for home or professional users. You may find our new stripper make stripping faster and safer than before.It is ideal for home,garage,marine or regular operation.


Multifunction,made of steel by special hardened

Stripping,trimming,adjust knob,crimp terminal,cutting five function in one tool

Innovative wire stripper with self-adjusting mechianism

Easy to adjust stripping length according to requirement

For crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals

Suit for various of wirs


Color Black Red

Material high-carbon steel

Handle material Rubber coating

Weight 3.6kg

Case Size 290*130*20mm


1 Year Warranty


1x Automatic Wire Cutter Stripper