200W 12V Flexible Solar Panel Kit Panels Generator Power Charging

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Grade A Sunpower cells,Over 21% efficiency.

More durable and higher conversion efficiency compared to normal monocrystalline cell.

Absorbs maximum sunlight in all daytime conditions.

Eco-friendly sun power source.

Over 25 years power output solar cells.

Light-weighted,convenient to carry,totally portable for camping,outing.

Fitted 0.9m Cable with MC4 plugs for easy connecting.

IP65 Reted premium junction box with built in seal ring.

Do not wire the flexible solar panel in parallel or in series to avoid damage or shortened lifespan.

Do not glue the panel on top, either mount with a velcro attachment or else. Leave a space underneath for the back panel to breath.


Max Power: : 200W

Max Power Voltage: : 17.8V

Max Power Current: : 11.2A

Open-Circuit Voltage: : 20.8V

Short-Circuit Current: : 11.8A

Temperature Range: : -40C - 85C

Frame: : No Frame

Solar Cell: : SunPower Mono

Thickness: : 3.0 mm

Net Weight: : 2.1 kg

Size:(L x H x W) : 1070x3x810mm


1 x 200w Solar Panel


12 months warranty

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